Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Whether you are happy, excited, sad, or in love, you can express your emotions to great effect through dancing. You can perform this art with or without music, but the former is a far better option, as it allows you to move your body rhythmically.

There are various dance forms practiced all over the world, and all of them are different from one another. When determining whether a dance is beautiful or not, people generally focus on the expressive power, the fluidity, and most importantly, the uniqueness of the art, which makes it characteristic of a  particular culture. There are a number of beautiful dance forms which originated from a particular culture but have gone on to become popular worldwide.


  • 1

    Tap dance

    As the name suggests, you are required to tap with your feet while performing this dance. However, you have to wear special shoes in order to produce a particular sound, which makes this dance form unique. Moreover, you are not allowed to play any music while tap dancing.

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    Another dance form which doesn’t involve any music is adumu. It is popular in Africa and involves the movement of all body parts.

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    Popular in China, yangko is not too difficult to perform, as you only have to move your waist and feet in synchronisation with the music.

  • 4


    One of the most difficult dances to perform, kathak originated in India. Once you master it, you can mesmerise the audience with your performance. However, it takes years of practice to perfect this art.

  • 5


    Another beautiful dance from India, bhangra requires you to be full of energy. The best thing about it is that you can learn it quite easily. It is normally performed at weddings, accompanied by fast music.

  • 6

    Belly dance

    This dance is mostly associated with women, who move their hips rhythmically with the music, and entertain the crowd. It is also known as the Arabian dance.

  • 7


    Ballet is not just a dance; it is also a very good exercise, which keeps you fit. However, you need a flexible body in order to perform this dance, which originated in Italy.

  • 8

    Street dance

    You need to be quite courageous to perform a street dance, as it requires to you do a lot of stunts in public. Normally, the performer wears baggy clothes while street dancing, and dances to the music from a beat box.

  • 9


    It is not a hidden fact that salsa is a special dance form for people in love. It has gained a lot of popularity since the time it originated in Cuba during the 20th century.

  • 10


    If you wish to dance for fun, you should opt for freestyle dancing. You can perform it anywhere without any special rules, which means that you don’t even require training for it.

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