How to Do the Macarena Dance

The ‘Macarena’ dance was a revolution when it came out back in the days. For starters, the song that came out with the brilliant dance steps was extremely catchy. Moreover, the dance moves were so easy that each and every person could follow them easily. Therefore, the Macarena dance is something that each and every person has tried at least once and that is what makes it so easy to remember and famous. Therefore, everyone should try and at least know how the Macarena dance works.


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    The first step starts with your arms. You should know exactly how the song goes and how exactly are you going to use your arms in order to complete the Macarena dance. It starts with your right arm. You stretch it forward, and then you do the same with your left arm so that they are both stretched out right in front of you.

    Once you are done with stretching both your arms, now is your time to flip your palms up straight. First flip your right palm and then the left palm; the position of the hands is going to be the same as if you are trying to push something with them.

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    After you are done with the arm gestures, now is the time for you to move to your shoulders. You first move your right hand and put it on your left shoulder. During this time your left hand remains straight with its palm flipped up. Now, you need to repeat the step with the left hand, but you put it on your right shoulder. So now your arms are basically making an ex; as if you have hugged the air.

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    Once you are done with putting your hands on both your shoulders, move to your hip. First use your right hand and put it on the right-side of your waist. During this time, your left hand is still touching your right shoulder. Now, move your left hand on the left-side of your waist. Now you are standing with both your hands on your waist.

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    You are almost there and only the easiest step is left. Once you are done with putting your hands on your waist, now you should time yourself perfectly. Use the clap when the singer says ‘hey Macarena’. Right when you clap during the time, you have to turn left so that you can continue with the same steps all over again.

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