How to Do the Forward Moonwalk

If you are looking to learn how to moonwalk, you must keep this in mind that the moonwalk is the signature dance move of legendary Michael Jackson. And doing something that he used to do should be perfect if you want to get any kind of recognition in that regard.

Beauty of the moonwalk is that the dancer while looking straight ahead, moves backward in such a way that it looks like he is sliding on the dance floor. And when we talk about forward moonwalk, it is most common type of moonwalks and you can master this technique easily.


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    Dancing is not an easy job to do especially if you are trying to follow the lead of Michael Jackson. He revolutionised dancing and invented so many new moves. Although few people have used moonwalks before him but Jackson gave it a totally new dimension and worldwide recognition.

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    If you are looking to learn forward moonwalks, you need to make a mental note that your body must be flexible enough to cope with it and you cannot jump directly to the forward moonwalk straightaway. Instead, you need to start with the basic and traditional moonwalk. Both the traditional and forward moonwalks are very much similar in technique and the main theme about both techniques is to move backward but at the same time giving the impression that you are moving forward.

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    Before starting, you need to stand straight and still and make sure that your arms are hanging loose by your side. Now using your planted left foot, push back and while doing so, drag the toe of your right foot forward and make sure that you drag it along the ground.

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    Next thing you need to do is to plan your right foot on the ground. Plant it about one and a half foot in front of you to make things more comfortable. Then carefully pull forward using your right leg and while doing so, point the toes of your left foot past your right foot. Make sure that you drag the toes of your left foot past your right leg.

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    Repeat this by using both your feet and try to master this technique as much as possible. And only after then move to the next step.

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    Now you need to continue alternating your foot movements. Try to make your movements as smooth as possible in order to do the forward moonwalk.

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