How to Do the Texas Two-Step

Texas two-step, as the name suggests, is a famous dance form from Texas. It requires two people and involves a couple of quick steps followed by a couple of slow ones. Although it may sound easy, performing it with perfection takes a lot of practice.

Other than being a wonderful dance form, this activity can help you lose weight. However, you need to perform it on a regular basis in order to get positive results. Once you learn the basics of the Texas two-step, you will be able to impress your friends and family members quite easily.

Things Required:

– Wide Belts
– Cowboy Boots
– Christy Lane Country Dance Videos
– Bandannas
– Country-western Shirts
– Tall Tales CDs


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    Appropriate Dress and Music

    Firstly, you need to ensure that you are dressed up properly for this dance. For this, you will have to wear cowboy boots, bandannas, country-western shirts and wide belts. Moreover, you need to have the appropriate music and dance videos available, so that you can practice your moves.

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    Instructions for leader

    Stand straight, with your feet close together. Moreover, you need to be facing your partner. Now, put one of your hands on the waist of the other person. It is ideal to use your right hand for this purpose.

    Stretch your left arm away from your body, but make sure that it is slightly bent. It should be at your head level. Now hold the hand of your partner gently.

    Once you are in the proper position, you have to wait for the music to start. Just as you hear the beat, move your left foot forward quickly.

    On the next beat, you need to move the right foot in the same direction you had moved your left foot in.

    At this stage, you have completed the first couple of quick steps. Now, you need to repeat the same process as mentioned earlier, but this time in a slower motion. Continue repeating the same process until you achieve perfection.

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    Instructions for the follower

    Position your left hand on the shoulder of the leader. Bend your right arm slightly and join it with the outstretched arm of your partner. Once you are in the correct position, wait for the music to start.

    Finally, start moving in the opposite direction of the leader. For example, when he/she moves the left foot forward, you have to move your right foot backwards. This way, you will be able to complete the Texas two-step smoothly.

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