How to Dance the 1920s Charleston

Dance has become one of the most considerable elements of entertainment and people always enjoy dancing on different occasions usually in clubs, bars, wedding parties and many other fun gatherings at home. Among the numerous types of dance, the 1920s Charleston dance holds a considerable place and many people are expert in this dance. However, there are also a huge number of people who do not know how to dance the 1920s Charleston. If you love this dance but have not yet learned it, then you can do so by reading this valuable article which will provide you perfect guidance.


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    First of all, you should stand upright and make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart from each other. Now twist your left foot heel outwards while kicking your right foot sideways.

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    Now twist your left foot heel to the opposite direction and make sure your toes are pointing outwards. Your right foot should land in front of your left foot completely in the opposite direction. You should also repeat the same steps by now by changing your feet.

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    Improvisation is an important part of any dance and for doing that, you can swing the non-twisting foot inwards instead of landing it.

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    Now try to create harmony with the music and on the first beat, you should hop on your left foot and your right foot heel should be in backward position.

  • 5

    On the second beat, you should hop on your left foot and kick out the right foot preferably in a 45 degree. Repeat these steps with changing feet.

  • 6

    Now you should swing the right foot at 45 degree angle in front of the left foot. Then return the right foot to the starting position by swinging it back in the similar way as you started.

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    On the third beat, you should tap your right foot from behind by reaching down to your left hand. Repeat the process with the left foot by your right hand.

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    After completing this step, you should return back to the starting position as the beat changes. Now place your hands on your knees and bend a little. Then bend your knees outwards and make sure your hands are following your knees.

  • 9

    As the beat changes, go back to the closed knee position and not exchange hands by putting the left hand on the right knee and right hand on the left knee. Stretch your knees outside and your hands should also follow the direction. Go back to normal position after the beat changes.

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