How to Get a Good Workout with a Punching Bag

The use of punching bag in gyms and leisure clubs has increased considerably. With the increased concern of people to get fit, more gyms are placing punching bags in their facilities. Nowadays, almost every gym has at least one punching bag to help its clients take advantage of one of the toughest exercise. More importantly, the increasing use of punching bags has also augmented the use of skipping rope and boxing gloves. Getting used to a punching bag can be very hard but it is very useful and beneficial.


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    Do your warm up

    You should not just go to the gym and start your exercise. Remember that warm up is mandatory every time you are about to start the exercise. Starting the exercise without pain will help you do your best in the training session and such individuals often complaint about muscle injury. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you perform a 10-15 minutes of warm each day before starting your exercise. This also involves using the skipping rope for a couple of minutes.

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    Make circles with your feet

    After your warm up is complete, you must stand in front of the punching bag and start making circles with your feet.

  • 3

    Perform jabs

    You should put on your boxing gloves and start circling the bag from your right side to feed jabs to the bag. It is recommended that you perform at least two rounds of almost three minutes duration. After you have done two sets of the same, now you should repeat the same drill for your left side and perform equal number of sets.

  • 4

    Speed drill

    After you are done with the jabs, you should now focus on improving your speed. For the speed drill, you should stand two to three feet away from the punching bag and attack the bag with your maximum speed and power. Your primary focus should be on the speed and you must perform attack at least five times.

  • 5

    Strength drill

    After you have completed your speed drill, you should move towards performing the strength drill. In order to improve your strength, stand one to two feet away from the bag and perform cross punches.

  • 6

    Stamina drill

    Keep in mind that stamina plays the most important role. To enhance your stamina, you should perform three sets of jabs continuously.

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