How to Clog Dance Step By Step

The Clog dance is a type of folk dance which involves the use of the heel and toe. This type of traditional dance has its origins in Holland, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. The Clog dance is also called the buck dance and is extremely popular in some parts of the world. There are various competitions for this form of dancing, but before you consider entering one of these, you need to perfect the moves, as the dance is far from easy.

Things Required:

– Dancing shoes
– Clog dance music
– Dance instructor
– PC with internet connection to watch videos on YouTube


  • 1

    Select the right shoes

    Having the right shoes for the dance is extremely important. There are special shoes designed for this dance, that help in maintaining the balance of the body. You can find these shoes on the internet or at a store that specialises in dancing footwear.

  • 2


    The Clog dance can be done in groups or can be performed by one person alone. The basic thing in this dance is the stance. You need to stand in a square if you are in a group and the first step in the dance is to move your right foot aside.

  • 3

    Ball change

    Ball change is a dance move that has two steps in it. First, you need to transfer the weight on the ball of one foot and then on the ball of the other. This step is generally used to end a previous beat.

  • 4


    Next, you need to know the brush move. This involves kicking out the left foot first and bringing it back as it slightly brushes the ground. Repeat the same move with the right foot.

  • 5

    Repeat in proper order

    The dance should be performed in the proper order, which is step, ball change, left foot brush and right foot brush. Repeat until you begin to develop the feel for it, and can do it smoothly.

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