How to Do the Slip Jig

Have you ever wanted to perform the Irish dance?

It looks quite impressive and is easier to perform than many other forms. You just have to be light on your feet and then move your body in rhythm. For the youngsters out there, this is actually a very good way to look cool. One of these dances is the Slip Jig, which is quite entertaining. The key to this dance is that you need to enjoy it. Make sure that you stay as natural as possible and the steps will come to you.


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    Look for partners

    Although the Slip Jig can be performed alone, it is better to do it in a group. You will enjoy it more, if you perform alongside some partners. Although one more person would be fine, but it is ideal to do this dance with a group of four or five people.

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    Get into position

    Doing this wonderful Irish dance requires you to be in perfect position. So, make sure you have closely followed how it is done. You will have to keep your arms glued to the sides in order to perform the Slip Jig. Keep the fist closed with your thumb sticking out. Your hands should be kept in this position throughout. This is the most important position in this form of dancing.

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    Move your feet rhythmically

    Other than your arms, you will have to position your legs perfectly too. Try dancing on your toes, as that will make it easier for you to rotate. Keep your feet in a diagonal position rather than parallel. Once the music starts, you can start moving rhythmically.

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    Another importance aspect in the Slip Jig is the jump. Lift your right foot and leap. Meanwhile, you left foot should be kept bent. Now, you have to repeat this, but by lifting the left foot first this time.

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    Swing your legs behind one another

    Point your right foot out and then swing it backwards towards your left leg. Repeat the same process with your left leg too.

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    Jump again

    Jump again in the same manner, which was explained earlier.

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    The Slip Jig is not difficult at all, but you will have to practice hard in order to make it perfect.

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