How to Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

The movie Napoleon Dynamite showcased the kid’s dance in which he presents how a nerd can dance as he shows his moves over the climactic school assembly. The actor, Jon Heder, shows the world how he can dance on three different songs. However, all those three songs were mashed together as one. You can always impress your friends by copying the dance he does and showing how you can be as goofy as he was. You should just keep your knees and arms smooth and loose. From then on, you will just need to practice a little and you’ll be good to go.


  • 1

    First, face the audience and keep your hands in the front pockets. Start nodding your head as soon as the music begins. Only try to bring your thighs and knees together so that they see how stupid you can get while dancing.

  • 2

    As the lyrics of the song start, take your hands out of your pockets. And sing with the person who is singing the song. Start nodding your head and as soon as the violin part finishes say: “The boogie is for real.”

  • 3

    Now it’s time for you to raise your hands and palms. Then start clapping while looking up in the air. Drop your arms back onto the sides and start swirling towards the audience. Cycle your arms around and pretend as if you are jogging while you are stepping back.

  • 4

    Now get straight back up. Now walk forward at the same pace and then stop with your legs far apart. Then punch your left arm up in the air. Keep repeating this with both the arms, one-by-one. Right at the end, use your index finger to point at the floor.

  • 5

    Face left and place the left foot in front of your right foot. Now pull your arms right into your body. Then raise them both out and then start circling them clockwise. Slap your thighs as well.

  • 6

    Bend your knees a bit, and then start rolling your shoulders back. Separate your hands and then slide them into the air once again. Pretend as if you are trying to fix your hair, but don’t touch them. Then toss your head back and then put your fists down while you’re making fists.

  • 7

    Pretend you are playing a guitar in the air. And right when it is time for chorus, bend your knees and step out. And while you are doing that, keep pointing at the floor whenever necessary.

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