How to Dance Balboa Swing

Modern day dancing styles are completely different from what they used to be in the past. People used to dance in a relaxed manner and there was no haste at all while performing this magnificent art.

However, things have changed completely these days and people choose to dance with the quicker beats, which seems more attractive to them. With all due respect to modern techniques, they lack the grace that used to be a main feature of the classical styles.

One of the all time popular dancing style is the Balboa Swing, named after Balboa Peninsula, southern California. It evolved in the 1920’s and is still performed. Performing this style is not difficult at all, but you need to be aware of a few basics.


  • 1

    Find a partner

    Since this dancing style cannot be performed alone, you will have to choose the right partner for yourself. Make sure that he/she is aware of the Balboa Swing.

  • 2

    Determine your role

    This classical dance form has one leader and the other partner is called the follower. So, you will have to determine what role you will be playing so that the dance can be performed with perfect rhythm.

  • 3

    Torso to torso

    Another important factor of the Balboa Swing is that your torsos should be meeting one another in such a way that nothing can be seen in between them. You should be confident enough to hold your partner tightly.

  • 4

    Join one hand with your partner

    You will have to join one hand with your partner whereas the other hand of the leader should be snuggled under the left arm of the follower towards his/her lower back. Now, the follower should rest his/her right arm on the leader’s shoulder blade.

  • 5

    Start moving with the rhythm

    Once the music starts playing, you should start moving with the rhythm. Don’t panic at all and try to stay as calm as possible. You will have to move gently with the beat of the music. Take a couple of steps backward; first to your left and then to the right.

  • 6

    Footwork for follower

    The follower should not try to do something silly while performing this dance. The best way is to continue moving with your partner. You just need to follow his/her steps and there will be a perfect rhythm between both of you.

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