How to Do the Death Drop Dance

Laquifa is the one who invented the death drop dance. She was a drag queen who knew a whole lot of attention-grabbing moves. She could move in such a way that most of the audience was amazed and had to stick their eyes at her. It is a very difficult Dance move and Laquifa is the one who started it at the first place on Dance Moms. She went on to teach the ladies about Abby Lee Miller’s dance company in which she used to teach this amazing move. It can be a risky move to learn it by just reading it. You should watch some videos to have a better idea about the move but the initial information provided here will guide you through to a stage where you understand the essence of the move.


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    You need to make your body flexible and for that reason, you need to stretch regularly, perform some yoga moves and try to keep your body in motion throughout the day which was work your muscles and stretch them to a state where you can actually loosen up and perform different skilful moves. However, beware of the stretching process because you don’t want to hurt yourself and that can only happen when you take proper lessons of stretching either from a live instructor or an online manual. Don’t start abruptly and without a plan. Take everything step by step and relax after your have stretched your body for a small period of time.

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    You need to buy a soft mat which will not hurt your feet when you move swiftly on it. You will need to change the positioning of your head in quick succession when you will be doing the death drop. You can hit your head and injure it badly. You will not require the mat when you have perfected the move but at the start you will need it to make your life easy.

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    Buy a pair of dance shoes and wear them whenever you practice dancing. Stand upright on the ball of the right-foot. Balance yourself and then bend your right-leg in a manner that you feel pressure on your thigh muscle. Don’t move the left-leg at all. It should be straight upright and flat on the foot.

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    Glide the left-foot forward while bending the right foot a bit and moving it backwards.

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    Keep your hands at the back of your head.

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