How to Dress for Bellydancing

There are countless dance styles in the world which vary from one area or region to the other according to their respective cultures, traditions and the choice of people. Having originated from the Middle East, Belly dancing is considered by many as one of the most exotic and intriguing styles of dance.

Dressing of a belly dancer is as important as her skill and helps her gain the attention of her audience. Belly dancing is incomplete without attractive and colourful clothing.

If you are looking for a perfect dress for belly dancing, you would require a fitted top or a bra top, a hip belt and a flowing skirt.


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    Fitted top

    You need to buy a fitted top which is baring the midriff. It totally depends on your personal preference but some girls use a bikini bra top, which helps them look more seductive and makes the dance moves appear more appealing. Once you shop around for these tops, you will realise that they have several varieties.

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    Hip belt

    It is imperative for a belly dancer to use a hip belt, which will also have beaded bells, fringes, coins and bells hanging and dangling off them. These belts are available in several colors but they can be found in silver or gold most of the times. Apart from making you more attractive, the hip belt will facilitate your performance.

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    A flowing skirt

    The flowing skirt is a trademark of belly dancing. These are long skirts and can be panelled, layered, circular or straight. These flowing skirts can be extremely attractive and add a dreamy look to the whole performance.

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    Having completed your dressing, you can accessorise yourself with a headpiece, light jewellery, scarves, body decorations, bracelets, anklets, Tassels. All of these accessories will definitely enhance your belly dancing outfit. However, you must select the accessories according to your complexion, body type and height. It would not be wise to wear all these accessories simultaneously; instead you should use them as per the occasion. Most of the popular belly dancers wear light jewellery, which makes them look elegant and natural.

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