How to Find Your Own Dancing Style

In this modern era, more and more people are showing keen interest in dancing. Dancing is also considered a ritual or close to rituals in many religions while a substantial amount of individuals consider it necessary for health. As dancing involves the movement of all body parts in a rhythmic flow, thus it is considered a healthy activity by many.

In their bid to learn dancing, many people are fascinated by specific and popular styles of dancing while many opt for a freestyle dancing. There are also those who have little or no interest in the current available dancing styles and ponder greatly over what should be there dancing style.

In their search for deciding their own dancing style some go for a mixture of two different types while some try to learn as much style as they could to bring diversity in their style. Many people consider it way to learn specific types of dancing and consider it hard to figure out your own dancing style as to some it might seem stupid or odd and thus requires huge courage.

Deciding your own dancing style can take a lot of time but if you are putting effort in the right direction there is no chance that you can fail.


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    The foremost step in formulating your own dancing style is to think and think hard, so you could be able to figure out what you have in your mind. Do not feel hesitated by and feel free to think of every aspect as this will enable you in considering all the options and decide what you want.

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    Before practicing or trying your desire style of dancing, be certain that you have locked your room to make sure no one sees your stuff until you get full command over it.

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    You should not wear tight dresses as these will restrain you from dancing in a free mode, so you would want to wear something comfy to feel free at your every move.

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    Holding a hairbrush or something like that in your hand proves to be helpful while rehearsing in your room as this will give you confidence when the right time comes where you might be require to hold the microphone.

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    It is considered very helpful that you dance in front of a mirror so you could see for yourself what you are doing and how does it look.

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    While practicing, you should try to move your body with the beat of music as this coordination is widely appreciated.

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    Do not forget to explore the internet to add value to your dancing style as the modification and flexibility always help.

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    Keep practicing until you get a firm grip on your dance and then you are good to go.

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