Fun Song And Dance Ideas for Kids

Dance is actually a form of art which involves rhythmic body movement to music. Dance not only provides relaxation but is also an exercise to keep body fit and healthy.  There are many dance forms that depict various cultures. It can also be used as a social interaction, emotional expression or to express ideas and tell a story. Everyone loves to dance as it is more entertaining than any other fun filled activity specially kids become extra excited and happy while dancing. Dancing on songs of children’s choice can make them go crazy, energizes them and can captivate them for a long time. It also helps them to express their feeling more easily without any hesitation. It is not important to teach dance moves to the kids, they move on the beats themselves while listening to the music. If you have just one kid, dance with him to give company so that he doesn’t feel hesitation while dancing or you can call his friends to enjoy together. Dance release children’s natural spontaneity.


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    Before dancing, it is very important to make your child do some warm up exercises so that he won’t get hurt while dancing. Use warm up moves as simple as you can such as jumping up and down, move hands on the beats of the song and make your child follow you. Once he gets warmed up, now allow him to get into the entertaining world of dancing.

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    Always choose fast music tracks for kids as most of the kids love fast funky tracks for dancing. Never neglect your child’s choice while lining up the playlist. You can also use popular television commercials and songs of some drama or cartoon or may be sound tracks of their favourite movie or cartoon.

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    Play games that involved dance moves like musical statues. It’s very similar to musical chairs; just teach some simple steps to kids like spinning, moving hands up and down, disco steps or let them move freely on music. Ask children to freeze as the music stops, those who move get eliminated and sit down for the rest of the game. The last child left dancing is the winner of the game. Give children a big space to move freely without hurting themselves.

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    Another great idea is to dance using ribbons. Just take kids, add ribbons and let them swirl to music and enjoy dancing.

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    “Follow the leader” can also be a fun filled dancing idea for kids. Choose a set of simple dance steps; give every child in the room a turn to shout instructions from the chosen steps and everybody else will do the move.

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