How to Do a Turkish Drop Belly Dance

The middle-eastern belly dancing is considered to be extremely unique. It is not only something that you can relate to arts; in fact, many believe that it is a great form of exercise. It helps you tone your body as you are using almost all your muscles when you’re practicing this form of dancing. Moreover, there are women who tend to arouse their partner’s interest by learning this form of dance. Besides this, many even find new female friends through taking such dance courses. While many consider it to be difficult, in reality it is not. All you need is a bit of practice and you’re ready to go.


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    First, you need to start wearing the clothes which a belly dancer would wear. Move out and find a store where you can get the type of clothes you need for such dancing technique. Short shirts and long skirts are the two things that can get you started.

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    Secondly, you have to purchase the perfect music for such type of a dance. Go to a CD shop, or find music online. You must find something which is either from Turkey, or at least resembles the music which is played in Turkey. Once you have purchased the kind of music you think you can dance to, it is time for you to study that music. That will allow you to understand its rhythm and beats, which will eventually help you improve your dance.

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    Now your body needs the much-needed warm up. Always start by flexing all your muscles so that they do not hurt after you are done with dancing.

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    Head exercises are the best and you must start your dance from the head as well. Move it clockwise and counter-clockwise. It is hard to do it at first, but soon you’ll get used to it.

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    Next up are your shoulders. Learn to use your shoulders and move them in circles. Move forward and backwards with the rhythm and it will really help you look good while dancing.

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    You must get hippy. This dance requires you to be a little seductive; therefore, try to move your hips in a circular motion. Move them side to side as the belly dancers usually do.

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    Try moving different parts of your body. It will eventually gel in with the kind of dance you want to do. Practice is extremely important and once you have mastered each and every body part, dance by moving them either simultaneously or one after the other.

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