How to Dance an Irish Reel

The fun in learning how to dance an Irish reel is positioned in the amazing music that reels are performed on to a great extent. It is danced to music by the reel dance like in the case of an Irish jig is performed to a kind of music known as jig. If you are looking forward to learn the Irish Reel dance, first of all you will need to explore the amazing music. Do not be concerned as the dance is simple and easy, and you will deeply enjoy it. There are various ways to perform an Irish Reel dance with good effect.


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    What is Irish reel music?

    This type of music is very lively and are normally written in 2/2 or 4/4 time. The music can be accessed on Youtube videos which contain of duets and bands. The amount of singers and the various instruments used change the sound of the music accordingly. Nevertheless, all the songs will have same characteristics of having an energetic beat. On the other hand, this music is also popular elsewhere in country like Scotland, Canada and America.

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    Getting know how of Irish reel music?

    Irish reels are generally performed in soft and comfortable shoes since the creation of this type of dance. However, Irish step dance can also be danced in a number of other ways than the traditional method. Another reel that is well known is ‘treble reel’, which is commonly performed in hard shoes. You should watch a lot of videos to see both hard shoe and soft shoe reels in the Celtic dance way before trying to get the hang of the dancing style.

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    Feel the beat of the music

    In order to excel, learn correctly the rhythm of the dance just as you do at other kinds of dances. There are basically two down beats and they acquire the accent. Hear the music with full attention and get a vibe before you begin learning the reel. It is vital to comprehend the rhythm if you want to get accustomed to a hard shoe reel. On the other hand, when learning a soft shoe reel, the music is not that significant if compared to hard shoe reel. Make sure you make a good impression on the dance floor. Remember that all performers have a starting and finishing point, and a good dancer dances really well between these two intervals to put on a great show.

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