How to Dance With a Bad Dancer

If you regularly dance socially, in parties, clubs or even if you go to a dance school, you are likely to face a number of people who are extremely bad dancers. If you have a good dance partner, half your work is already done. You can rely on him/her and follow the lead if you want to. Similarly, many of us dream about having a dating partner who is exceptional at dancing. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up even if your partner happens to be a bad dancer. By adopting certain strategies, you can make yourself and your partner feel comfortable.


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    Categorise the bad dancer

    There are various types of bad dancers and you need to categorise while dancing. Some people are extremely bad but they are over-confident and assume that no one dances better than them. Whereas, most of the bad dancers know that they are not good at dancing but they keep trying. You can be a little rude to the first category but always be gentle and polite with the bad dancers of the latter kind.

    Once you categorise the type of a bad dancer, you will be in a much better position to drive the dance moves.

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    Make him feel comfortable

    If you have chosen a person to dance with and he is not up to the mark, you need to make him feel comfortable with you. If you express your disappointment, the other person is likely to get confused. Have a little chat with him and motivate him. Once he becomes comfortable and starts to dance with you, he is likely to improve with the passage of time.

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    Give him/her hints

    If your partner is not a good dancer, you will get to know that within the first couple of moves. In such a scenario, keep eye-contact with your partner and give him/her some hints. You can even teach him/her some basic dance moves quickly in order to prevent embarrassment.

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    Enjoy the situation

    Instead of getting frustrated by the situation and spoiling your mood, it is highly recommended that you see the fun part in dancing with someone who is bad at it. You should take this situation positively and think as if it is a test of your leadership skills.

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