How to Dance to Rap Music

There is no better way to enjoy a song or music than by dancing to it. It does not really matter what genre the song belongs to, you can dance to almost every kind of music.

Rap and hip hop music, however, have a beat that can tempt even the shyest of people to hit the dance floor. However, one of the most important things required for dancing, especially in a public place such as a club, is confidence. You can gain confidence by learning some great moves to do on rap music. Learning the moves can be made easy by learning the lyrics and consequently the story being told in the song and by observing how others dance in a club.


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    Start going out to clubs more to hear new rap music. If there is any song that really appeals to you and makes you feel like dancing to it, go over to the DJ and ask him of the song’s name. DJs love it when they are approached by people who loved a certain song or music they played, since it lets them know that they are doing a great job. Do not hesitate to go over to the DJ as often as you like, as long as the purpose is to compliment him and ask him about the song that he is playing or just played.

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    Download the song you liked on your computer or download it on your cell-phone from a music store.

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    Listen to the song and enjoy it. Lyrics in rap songs are often difficult to grasp, which is why it is strongly recommended to get its lyrics from the Internet. Learning the lyrics of the songs will help you in understanding the story that is being told. Rappers like Eminem owe much of their success to the strong story in their songs, one that allows the listeners to not only lose them in the music, but also relate with the lyrics.

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    Listen to the song as often as you can so that the beat starts taking you over. Play it in your car, keep it in your iPod, play it while cleaning the house, listen to it while waiting for your bus to arrive.

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    Visit the club again and now start observing how other people dance. Look at their moves and how these moves relate with the beat of the music. Some of these dancers will be getting a lot of compliments, but do not let that get to you. Your aim should not be to get compliments for your moves, but to enjoy dancing and the music that you are dancing to.

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    After a few visits to the club to observe the moves of other people there, hit the floor yourself. It is best to surround yourself with friends or other people that you feel comfortable hanging out with while hitting the floor for the first time to dance on rap music. Dance according to the beat and the lyrics of the song.

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