How to Do The Mexican Hat Dance

Based on the story of a man trying to court a woman, the Mexican Hat Dance is really popular since its origin in 1734. It is the official dance of Mexico, and considered to be a matter of pride throughout the country.

The Mexican culture is incomplete without this dance. Not only in Mexico, the Mexican Hat Dance is also really famous throughout the Southwestern United States.

It requires a partner, but one doesn’t need to be an expert to do this dance. There are a few really simple tricks involved. The key is to keep good body balance, as you need to move around like a drunk.


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    The first step is wearing the right costume. The traditional charro outfit is the ideal dress for this cultural dance. Man who does Mexican Hat dance after wearing the typical dress is called a ‘charro’.

    The dress is not complicated by any means. All you need to become a charro is a vest, jacket and pants decorated with bright silver buttons.

    China Poblana, the cultural dress for females, consists of a white blouse and skirt. The blouse has ornate embroidery, whereas the skirt is decorated with geometric and floral shapes.

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    Start your Mexican Hat dance with "zapateado." It is a sequence of tapping and stamping that the male dancer does to impress his lady. The tapping and stamping should be done in a choreographed manner.

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    Act like a person drunk with love and glory. The expressions are the key in the Mexican Hat Dance. When the male dancer goes near his lady, he should be fully pumped with love and glory. And when the lady starts to consider him as an inebriate, the person flies away.

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    Let the tension build up between the couple. As the tension increases, the man throws his hat to the ground and subsequently kicks the air. The lady, in response, bends down to pick the hat up, which means the charro has conquered his ‘china’ – the traditional word for the female dancer.

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    After that, the couple marches in unison just like an army parade. This move is called ‘diana’ and it means that the couple has become one now.

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    In the final step, both man and woman hide their faces behind the sombrero and pretend a kiss. It is a reply to the applause of all who surround.

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