How to Do the Shimmy Dance Move with Your Shoulders

Dancing is a beautiful art, which can be performed to entertain people and it has got numerous other benefits too. You can practice this activity regularly in order to stay fit and rid yourself of stress.

However, you have to master the dance form you wish to perform otherwise you will end up looking clumsy. There are different types of dances, which help you in reducing fat from a particular area of your body like hips, legs, arms or chest.

One of the most popular dances performed all over the world is the shimmy. It has got various types and one of them is the shoulder shimmy, which seems quite easy. However, you need to practice hard in order to perform it with perfection, and gracefully.


  • 1

    Stand in a relaxed position

    The most important thing you need to do is stand in a relaxed position. If you have a stiff body, you will be unable to perform the shimmy accurately.

  • 2

    Stretch the arms outwards

    Once you are in a proper position, stretch your arms outwards. Your elbows need to be slightly bent and your palms need to be facing downwards.

  • 3

    Move the right shoulder forward

    Start moving your right shoulder forward. There is no compulsion on which side you move first, so you can also perform this action with the other shoulder first.

  • 4

    Move the right shoulder back

    Now, move the right shoulder backwards slowly. If you are a starter, you can practice this step a few times before moving on with the other steps.

  • 5

    Do the same with left shoulder

    Start doing the same action with your left shoulder and make sure that you don’t stop the flow.

  • 6

    Do the shimmy slowly

    Remember not to do the shimmy in a brisk motion straightaway. Perform it slowly and continue doing so until you achieve perfection. Once you are able to do it smoothly, you can increase the pace.

  • 7

    Add more steps

    After you have started moving the shoulders in the right manner, you can add more steps in the dance to make it look more beautiful. You have to move forward and then backwards and continue shimmying the shoulders in the meantime. Moreover, you can also move in a circular position to add grace to your dance. Remember practice ensures perfection, so give time to this dance form on a regular basis.

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