How to Learn the Five Ballet Positions

Many people who love dancing always want to learn all five position of Ballet because it is the basic skill that helps the learners to become good dancers. The novices always start learning Ballet positions while taking support of a pole or bar that helps them in maintaining their balance during the execution of steps. In the starting lessons, it will be a challenging task to maintain the balance but with gradual practice, you will be quite comfortable in executing all steps easily and will become expert in Ballet position. Keep reading to know how to learn the five Ballet positions.


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    First of all, you need to have the knowledge about all five position of Ballet which will help you to learn these positions in a quick, organised and disciplined manner.

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    The first position of Ballet is to place your feet in a position in which your heels are touching to each other and the fingers of your feet should be stretched outwards. Make sure you bend your arms from elbows outside and also turn your legs outside from your hip socket. Also place your hands in the middle of your waistline.

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    In the second position of Ballet, keep your legs one-foot apart and move the right foot in the right side and place it down. Now you should raise both arms outside while keeping your legs and feet turned in the similar outside direction.

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    In the third position of Ballet, you need to bring your right foot slightly forward in front of you and keep your left foot at its place. Now you should move your right foot heel and touch it to the middle of your left foot. Make sure both feet pointing outwards. Now you should take your right arm and bend it towards your head and also raise your left arm in outward direction.

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    Now place your front foot at least one foot apart from the back foot. Keep your right arm over your head like in the second third position. Now bend your right arm from your elbow in front of you and make sure the forearm is in front of your torso.

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    In the fifth position of Ballet, you should touch the heel of your one foot with the toe of your other foot. Raise your both arms and curve them over your head.

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