How to Dance Portuguese Folklore

Dancing to Portuguese folklore is one of the most accomplished arts, which takes total commitment and stamina superior to perfect. Although most of the dances require commitment and stamina, dancing to Portuguese folklore is one step ahead of it. Many believe that learning it is quite difficult. However, if one puts in all his efforts and devotion to learn the art, he/she can master it. Dancing to Portuguese folklore is a combination of fancy footwork and plenty of cheerful movements that make it extremely appealing and attractive to the viewers.


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    In order to learn dancing Portuguese folklore, one should join a Portuguese club or society. These clubs or societies have instructions on everything related to Portuguese. From cuisine to language and from singing to dancing, everything is instructed in these clubs and societies. In addition, there are some clubs and societies that also offer the services of teaching dance to Portuguese folklore.

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    Always start from a beginner level even if you have been dancing for quite some time, as dancing to Portuguese folklore will take time before you get used to it. Most of the Portuguese dances require specific routines and movements, which will not be learnt in couple of days. You must learn all these from the beginner level. Take your time in mastering the basics, and then work your way up to advance level.

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    In order to enhance your dancing skills faster, one must watch videos of other dancers as well, and determine closely their movements and routines. If you have been introduced to Portuguese folk dance recently, then it is better to observe the routines of other dancers. Closely watch other dancers’ directions and steps in order to correct your own routines. Otherwise you will only end up doing Portuguese folk dance wrongly.

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    Remember all the turns, steps, routines and movements of all the dances, and start practicing one of them. Once you have mastered it then move on to the next one. Establish your routines along with the music. Your rhythm will synchronize with the music after practicing regularly.

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    Always try to wear traditional folk costumes when you are dancing to Portuguese folklores in order to establish a perfect relationship with that specific dance routine. In addition, if you perform that routine without wearing the traditional folk costume, it will only reduce its original appeal.

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