How to Do the Till Hammer

Dancing is really a fun itself. For those who dance just for enjoyment, there are no hard and fast rules. But things usually become very tricky for the professionals.

There are so many classy types of dancing. Besides these formal types, many different styles have been introduced over the years.

Introducing own dancing style is certainly a big achievement. And it becomes an even bigger accomplishment, if people start following your style.

Originally created by Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, the Till Hammer is a unique dance move. Without any doubt, it is greatly impressive and pretty too.

Things Required:

– Rammstein songs to do the Till Hammer to
– A reasonably tough neck


  • 1

    If you are interested in doing the Till Hammer, you first of all need to navigate to YouTube. You may find dozens of fans doing the Till Hammer in their own pattern, but it is better to see the original.

    Look for the YouTube video of Lindemann, doing the Till Hammer live on stage. Watching him live will surely give a great idea about the moves as well as expressions. If you already know a few moves, watching this video will show how much improvement you need to do it correctly.

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    Having taken a good idea about the dance style, you are ready to go. Remember, the place where you want to do it should not be congested. Find an open large place, where you can easily move around.

    The first thing to do is performing a few simple exercises. If you are a beginner, it is imperative that you do it alone, so that no one can see you fail. Nobody can learn it quickly, because there are a few difficult tricks involved.

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    Now, it is the time to pivot your head from side to side. There is no need to be an extremist in the beginning. The best way is to start slowly and subsequently increase the speed. Pump up the speed gradually until you hair is all messed up.

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    After finishing with the head movement, focus on smacking a fist against your thigh. You need to take care of a few things at this stage. Make sure you smack it in the vertical up-down motions. Working on the same formula, you should increase the speed after taking a slow start.

  • 5

    The final step is to combine the first two moves. Pivoting your head from side to side and smacking a fist against you thigh at the same time is the key. Keep practising until you feel confident.

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