How to Perform Waltzing Box Steps

Waltz dance is the most popular dance in the world. It is not just dance but a combination of class, rhythm and coordination. It is also the closet way of communication through physical expression with your partner. Generally people find themselves nervous about this dance especially if they do not know how to dance. However, some pratice can help you. It all starts with some basic movement of your feet.


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    Choose Comfortable Place

    Select a place which is more comfortable for you to dance, especially if you are going to perform waltzing box steps dance for the first time. This can also depend on your partner, depending if they know how to perform the steps.

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    To be better able to perform the dance, wear loose clothing. Loose shirt and pants will allow you more flexibility and make you comfortable in the movement of your feet and legs. Wearing something skin-fit i.e. tight jeans cannot help in performing the steps.

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    Your posture is very important. Try to stand upright straight and have a composed posture. Keep your shoulder firm, especially when moving your feet. Bending your shoulder or back can make the performance of the steps difficult for you, and your partner might lose rhythm as well.

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    Place your right hand under the arm of your partner, little towards back. Leave your palm open, allowing it to make a small grip on your partner's back. Hold right hand of your partner with your left hand, with palm wide open and fingers into fingers of your partner. Make your partner fit comfortably well with your posture. Also, make sure you leave distance of about a half foot between you and your partner. Move your left foot towards your partner straight up and allow your partner to move out their right foot.

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    After making first move with your left foot, take your foot down and move your right foot out open wide on the right side. These are very basic steps, but the entire dance follows the same rhythm and if you are comfortable in performing these steps, repeat them in the same way.

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    The process of improvement and maturity of steps performing skills will depend on your practice. So you should choose a partner to practise in performing these steps on a regular basis. This is the only way to learn the dance quickly. Also, heed to the advice and tips from your partner, especially if they know how to perform these steps.

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