How to Do the Texas Two Step Dance

The Texas two step is a phenomenal western dance made famous by the Hollywood film “Urban Cowboy.” This style of dance can be performed on a number of country songs. It is most regularly performed to Hal Ketchum’s song “Past the Point of Rescue” in Texas and country bars. This is a walking dance, and has its origination in American progressive dance and swing. There are certain difficult types of the Texas two step dance that consists of several spins and turns with your dance partner. There are various ways to do the Texas two step dance with good effect.


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    How to position yourself with the dance partner?

    First of all, find yourself a partner that will be compatible with you. Normally, the man leads the dance and puts his right hand on the woman’s waist or lower back. On the other hand, the woman places her left hand on his partner’s shoulder area. After that, both of them grab each other’s other hand out in the open. Make a stance with elbows bent a little in order to develop a good position. Make sure the man’s right foot is placed between the woman’s feet while dancing the Texas two step dance. Also, try not to step on his or her toes during the steps.

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    The procedure to dance the right way

    Make two fast steps with the first half of the two step. If you are a man, move ahead with the left foot and make sure the woman steps back with her right foot. After that, do this again with your other foot, while the woman does the exact opposite. Take the two steps quickly, and tune them with the rhythm of the music that is being played. Remember to try make the steps smooth and not in a bouncy manner. Be confident when dancing with your partner.

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    Slower down the steps

    Make two steps gradually. The steps should be on the counts of music beats. Sync your foot’s movement with the music on air. Try not to rush or freeze up while dancing. Also, make sure you do not pause. Repeat the above mentioned steps again and again, and perfect them. Also you need to move around the dance floor in an anti clockwise direction. Do not forget the rhythm that you have learned while you dance and just go with fast, fast, slow, slow movement.

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