How to Become a Male Exotic Dancer

If you love dancing, have a decent physique and like to create new dance moves, then becoming an exotic dancer might be the best option for you. Not to mention, that dancing is one of those few careers where you can learn, enjoy and earn the living at the same time. Nevertheless, it is up to you whether you want to become either a full or a part time dancer. Not all male dancers are able to become a full time exotic dancer as the competition is tough and you must work hard.

Things Required:

– Portfolio
– Agent
– Dance Lessons


  • 1

    Spend more time at the gym

    An exotic dancer cannot receive appreciation with a huge belly; therefore it is important that you should spend more time at the gym. You should remember that being in shape is the most important thing for a dancer be it a male or female. Nobody encourages a dancer that is in poor physical shape especially when it comes to an exotic dancer. You should focus more on improving the strength of your legs as this plays a vital role in performing your dance moves.

  • 2

    Take lessons from a reputable institute or instructor

    Afterwards, you must look for a reputable institute or instructor who specialises in giving dance lessons. It is strongly suggested that you must check that the instructor or the institute is certified by the state for giving dance lessons as you do not want to fall for a scam. After you have started taking classes, it is important that you give due importance to the basic dance moves and master them as soon as possible. Note that balance is key to be a successful dancer.

  • 3

    Choose an agent

    After you have completed your dance classes, you must choose a suitable agent who would find work for you. Note that you must not choose a new person as an agent but prefer hiring someone experienced as he/she will have a lot of contacts and it will be easier for the agent to help you find work. You must ensure that the agent has full knowledge of your capabilities and skills as he/she will be representing you at most of the stages.

  • 4

    Build portfolio

    You must hire a professional photographer and build a portfolio of your skills to help attract the clients. Note that a portfolio not only helps you in finding work but it also shows the extent of your talent.

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