How to Do the Quick Step Break Dancing Move

Break dancing is one of the toughest types of dances and if you don’t have extensive dancing skills, you cannot expect to perform this just like that. Dancers usually practice a lot in order to master break dancing but learning this technique not only depends on the learning but also on the natural talent. You need to have a very flexible body for performing this dance and there are several moves that you need to learn before you can think of mastering this technique. This article will help you in learning quick step break dancing moves.


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    Start standing by placing your right leg down and then take out your left leg and repeat it twice. Cross your left leg over your right one and then turn over your right leg. Your right arm should be bent before you bend your elbow and shoulder slowly. After that, reverse this step on the other side and the repeat it as well.

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    Break dancing is incomplete without handstand and for that, you need to step out and lean on your right leg. Place your hands on the ground and slowly lift yourself up by lifting your leg step by step. On your hands, take tiny and small steps by putting all weight on your hand.

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    Swing your arms into push up position and continue rotating. However, instead of getting into a push up position, go diagonally and continue rotating.

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    You also need to do back spin in this kind of dance. You can either do it while standing or sitting. If you are doing it standing, place your right hand down and put all of your weight on it. Whip your left leg over right and drop to your back and curl like a little bell. Now perform the second back spin from the sitting position and repeat the above step.

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    You need to valdez as well and you can also choose to perform turtle freeze if you want. Now, in order to do the quick step break dancing move, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

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    You need to kick your left foot while pointing to your right side. Now move it around to the opposite side and put it down. After that, hop over using your right foot and lift up your right foot at the same time. Slowly step down using your left foot and with your foot pointing towards the back, slowly lift your ring.

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    With your right foot, hop over and bring your left foot simultaneously. Then with your left foot, step down once again pointing towards your back.

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