How to Dance to a Song You Hate

Music is one of the most powerful emotion evoking mediums on the planet. However, apart from ‘enjoying the moment’, music is also great to dance to. In fact, music and dance go hand in hand as one does not exist without the other.

However, there is a good chance that you will be at social gathering with a special someone where the DJ decides to play a song that you find appalling. In such a situation one would have to dance along to the song. It is not easy but it can be done.


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    The first step is to control your initial shock and anger at the song playing. Instead of throwing a fit and deciding to get off the dance floor or leave the room, try to make an effort. One can always use the ‘I hate this song because of x personal tragedy and it reminds me of it’, which does work at times, but it is best to stick it out. Be patient as the song will only last for a few minutes and you might just want to deal with it.

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    Next, begin the dance with a goofy move. This will show that you do not like the song but are still making an effort for your partner. It can also provide humour, charm and make the other person feel special for you making the effort. Try to keep your humour toned down as you do not want to look like an idiot as you are trying to make fun of the song.

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    Do not overdo it on the dance floor as you do not want to end up embarrassing yourself and the other people. Stay calm and relaxed as you dance to a song you do not like. Remember to not make it a big deal as somebody else might like the song you do not like. Appreciate the fact that you are out having a good time and do not worry about the music.

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    Next try to bring back some of the old moves. You do not like the song but hey, that doesn’t mean you cannot define how to dance to it. Make it fun for both yourself and the other person as well. Get as many people involved to get in on the act.

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    Alternatively, you could play it cool. Keep a smug expression on your face, stand in the corner of the dance floor with your arm on the railing and just nod your head to the beat of the music as if you’ve won a dance based reality TV show and do not want to cramp your style on the track that is  being played.

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