How to Do the Reject Dance Move

The Reject dance move is one of the four dance moves in the Jerk, which is a California street dance. New Boyz and Keak Da Sneak made Jerkin’ extremely popular all around the United States of America. This dance move is based upon four basic steps; the Reject, Jerk, Dip and Pin Drop. None of these are difficult to master, and one can easily manage to learn all these moves with extreme precision. However, like all other dances, this move also requires regular practice for a couple of weeks before one master this art.


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    In order to learn the Reject move, one has to completely understand what exactly this move is about. There was a popular 1980’s dance move, the Running Man. If one performs that dance move backwards, it becomes the Reject. If you are not familiar with the Reject move, then watching Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ video will help you in understanding the move.

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    Once you have completely understood what the Reject move is, you must learn the steps of it. There are four basic steps involved in performing the Reject move. The first step you should learn is stepping with your left foot. Once you have perfected it, move on to the next step. Lift your right foot up and let it fall behind your other one as you jump. After that, you should practice lifting your left foot and let it fall back behind you, and as it hits the ground lift your right foot yet again in the same manner.

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    Continue repeating these steps in a synchronised manner, and your Reject move is complete.

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