How to Give Dance Lessons to a Child

In order to teach children to dance, you are not required to be a professional dancer. You can guide the children to perform different types of movements so they get exposure and valuable experience. It can also lead them to admire music and results in enjoying of exercise. You need to persuade the children to express themselves during dance classes. Let them listen to music and be creative. You should not force them to perform a particular step properly in order to make their experience stress-free. Remember that teaching children to dance is different to teaching dance to adults.

Things Required:

– CD player or MP3 player with speakers
– Timer
– TV or laptop


  • 1

    Get the music on

    You need to buy or rent music CDs. You can even play music in an MP3 player or load it on internet. You can chose different types of music ranging from classical tunes to upbeat dance. You can even pick CDs of rhythmic music like African drumming to teach children for dancing.

  • 2


    You need to tell children and advise their parents about the type of clothing. Kids should wear loose and comfortable clothes when they come for dance classes. In case you are dancing indoors, kids should wear layers so they can easily take off when they get hot.

  • 3


    Let the children do stretching before dancing. You can either let them sit in yoga directions or stretch your shoulders and mover your head in circle. Then stretch your legs and touch the toes. Remember to tell the importance of stretching and inform them that stretching makes your body ready for dancing.

  • 4

    Quick Dance

    In the opening five minutes, you need to tell the children they can dance freely for five minutes. Let the kids show their moves and move in whatever way they like.

  • 5

    Classical music

    Now come towards the slower, classical music. You need to tell children listen to the music and teach them slow arm movements. Also show them how to turn and perform small jumps in the air.

  • 6

    Rhythmic drumming

    After playing classical music for five minutes, change the music to rhythmic drumming. You need to lead your children towards quick rhythmic movements like kicks and bends.

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