How to Do Ballet Spin Cycle

Ballet ranks among the most difficult yet graceful dance forms.. It requires the body to be perfectly balanced and toned out. Ballets looks beautiful to the eye but performing even the simplest of steps takes months of practice.

Just like other graceful steps in the ballet, the spin cycle is also amazing, but it is difficult to perform given the amount of flexibility one needs to perform it.


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    Get in shape

    First of all, you need to get in shape. If you are overweight, you will be unable to perform the ballet spin cycle. Go to the gym regularly and lose as many pounds as you can. Other than that, you need to do a lot of running and cardio exercises so that your muscles are used to handling pressure.

    Jogging and other foundation exercises will make your legs stronger, which is the main requirement for this form of dancing.

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    Improve your balance

    Other than getting into shape, you need a perfect balance to be able to perform the ballet spin cycle. If you are not good at that, you will fall every time while performing this step and could possibly end up pulling a muscle. In order to improve your balance, practice standing on one leg, until you become stable. Your standing base should be on the toes.

  • 3

    Keep your feet parallel

    When your body is ready for this artistic style, start with keeping your feet parallel.

  • 4

    Point your right foot to the side

    Now, point your right foot to the side away from the left foot while keeping your toes pointed.

  • 5

    Lift your right foot closer to the left knee

    You will have to lift your right foot towards the left knee and keep it there for a few seconds. In the meanwhile, lock your hands together in front of your belly.

  • 6

    Take the spin

    Using force from your left leg, spin on your toe and finish in the same position you started. Your ballet spin cycle will be complete.

  • 7

    Practice hard

    There will be a few problems, pains and spasms initially, but practice will make you perfect.

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