How to Do The Box Step Waltz

Doing the box step waltz is not difficult in dance, but it requires a lot of attention, focus, rhythm and coordination between the two partners. The coordination of their steps is even more important. If you have never done the box step waltz before, you might it find it difficult during initial couple of times. With the passage of time, you can learn to do the steps perfectly in coordination with your partner. It is fun, a great source of exercise and an opportunity to communicate with your partner through eyes and body expressions.


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    Take special care in what you wear for the dance. Wearing flexible and heelless shoes is important. Also, do not take risk of dancing at rough places. The floor should be smooth and polished, it will help in your feet movement.

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    You will have to maintain a right posture for dancing with your partner. Place your right hand under left shoulder of your partner, bending the arm at about 90 degrees angle. Your hand should be wide open and palm forming a grip.

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    Use your left hand to hold the right hand of your partner. Put your fingers into her fingers, but do not press your hand too hard. You might do it while performing dance to express your feelings.

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    Do not get too close to your partner while you are standing, but maximum distance between the two should not be greater than about 6 inches.

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    Listen to music carefully to find the rhythm. You can ask your partner and start at the same time. Before starting both of the partners need to follow pattern of the music.

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    To take the start the man takes his left foot forward. Then the man steps aside without bringing their feet together. The man's right foot goes out to the right while the woman's left foot goes out to the left.

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    While going back, the man's right foot goes back, and woman's left foot comes forward. These are the steps that are followed in the entire dance. The movement of the feet can pick the pace as the music gains momentum.

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    To complete box steps waltz, the male partner takes his left foot out to the left and the female partner takes her foot out to the right. This completes the box, and you continue to dance as long as you want.

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