How to Dance Traditional Cumbia Columbiana

When we talk about Cumbia Colombiana, we refer to the traditional African dance that was imported into Caribbean region in late seventeenth century when this region was a colony of Spain. Over the years, this dance has evolved after going through different transition periods.

You cannot put Cumbia Colombiana under the banner of typical dancing since it is more than just dancing. It is a tradition and it is very different from other techniques. And you might have seen famous pop singer, Shakira, performing this dance in her famous music video, Hips don’t lie.


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    If you are looking to learn Cumbia Colombiana at home, you don’t have to do much research. You can easily understand this technique if you are really sincere in your efforts. Before you start from the scratch, there are certain things you need to keep in mind like the history of Cumbia Colombiana and what are your motives behind learning the process to do Cumbia Colombiana.

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    You need to start with the very basics of Cumbia Colombiana. You need to have a traditional Colombian skirt known as pollera in common tongue. Because without pollera, you cannot perform Cumbia Colombiana in a proper manner.

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    Now hold up your pollera or you can call it skirt as well. Hold your position and use your left hand to hold it up. Hold it up to your side and move your left foot. You need to move it in such a way that it remains next to your right foot.

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    After that, once again move your left foot but this time, keep it back. Now, lift up your heel but do not lift it a lot and keep it close to the ground.

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    The next thing you need to do is to turn your attentions towards your right foot. Move your right foot either side to side or back to back depending on the move you are making and which suits you better. And while you are doing that, do not forget to move your hips side to side.

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    Movement of your hips is very important when it comes to Cumbia Colombiana. You need to move your hips in synchronisation with other dancers and this will show how flexible you are. And at the end, you need to move your skirt back and forth and repeat it couple of times. You need to keep moving all the time so make it as fluent as possible.

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