How to Get In Shape for Pole Dancing

If you want to pursue pole dancing as a career, keeping the body fit and lean should be your top most priority. Pole dancing is a combination of art, dancing and aerobics, thus it not only requires the individual to be physically up to the challenge but it also requires the passion and will to succeed. It is this passion which will develop the will power necessary to cope with the physical aspects and requirement of pole dancing.

If you are an aspiring pole dancer, or a former one who has gained mass, and are at odd as to how you can mould your body according to the requirements of pole dancing, then this article is exactly what you need. Here, we will be discussing the steps you need to take in order to get in shape for pole dancing.


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    Develop a Training Regime

    The most obvious and important step is to develop a training regime. Now the big question which everybody asks is about the exercises (and their frequency) which constitute the regime. While, this regime differs from person to person, depending upon the prior physical shape, there are some exercises which are a must in every case.

    The first among them are push-ups. This exercise helps you in developing the lower arms and shoulders. The next step is to develop a strong core and there are many exercises which you can undertake. Some of the most adopted examples are planks, squats, sit ups etc. In addition to that there are many flexibility exercises, crossovers, standing quad lunges, forward lunges etc which you should do on a regular basis.

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    Control your diet

    The next step is related to diet control. Here it should be remembered that green vegetable and fruits alone will not cut the deal. For pole dancing you need to have strong muscles and that can only happen when they are properly nourished. Your diet should include a lot of lean proteins, and carbs/fats to some extent. Remember, it’s not so much the fats, but sugar which makes you fat.

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    Practice Using Safety Gear

    The best way to develop the muscles which are used in pole dancing is to have a go at it as many times as you can. However it should only be done after you have worn decent safety gear like knee and elbow cushions.

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