Steps to Learn Dougie Dance

Do you plan to learn how to do Dougie Dance? There are numbers of dances being practiced in various parts of the world. Some of them have become universal and others have a great regional importance. Like the well known kinds of dance as, Ballet dance, Jazz dance, Tap dance, Hip-Hop dance, and Belly dance, the Dougie Dance is also asserting its importance among leading dancers.

Though, Dougie Dance is comparatively a new style moving the body in an organized way, but the youth of various countries is getting mad to learn it. The said dance really enhances the splendor of any party. To learn the world famous dance all you have to do is to follow these steps.


  • 1

    Get yourself prepared and play the rock music that creates a vibration in your body. The song must be fast and bit lengthy so that the dancer and audiences could enjoy it in its real essence. The quality of good beat could elevate the dance.

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    In the next step, you have to make an impressive start by bowing your body to one side. Make your body as flexible as possible and allow your hand touching to the ground. The leaning side should not be kept in that form for a longer period as it could hurt the muscles. Rather it should be kept in a comfortable position. Well the music is on take the first step while ignoring the initial to beats.

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    While having the Dougie Dance or learning the Dougie Dance, you must not use the arms until you start the third step. Raise the arms upward in a first attempt and then drop it quickly to downwards. Furthermore, your arms should be swinging in opposite directions.

  • 4

    In the fourth step, try to drop your weight on your hips at once and sit like a cat. It will be the most thrilling moment of the dance.

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    To create more fun and excitement, while having Dougie Dance, try to move in a circle without leaving your place like wheel chair. Meanwhile, your knees and elbows should be expanding outward. Repeat the same practice for some time and hopefully you will get the perfection with the passage of time.

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    You can download tutorial videos of dougie dance from you tube and follow step mentioned in the video this is another easy way to learn the Dougie dance. The internet is providing variety of videos in this regard and one can learn great expertise following the instructions.

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    Go to dance training schools as they are providing the services at a very cheap rates. Plus there are qualified teachers with lots of experience under their belts.

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    Hire a personal trainer if you can't go to any school or trainer due to some problems. Good trainers are available in the market in this regard and it will be more a fun for you to get the training while staying at home.

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