How to Dance With Glow Sticks at a Rave

A colourful and characteristic part of the rave music scene and culture, glow-stick dancing can be a great way to get into the spirit of a rave party. The dance can be as simple as waving your arms about while holding the glow-sticks, or as difficult as creating complicated designs and patterns with the glow-sticks. There is no set method to it, as it is mostly interpretive and freehand, and depends on whatever is most fun for the dancer.

Things Required:

– A pair of glow-sticks
– String
– Music to dance t0


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    Before you begin dancing with glow-sticks, make sure the lights are off, the music is on, and the party is in full swing. Take a minute to get into the zone, and familiarise yourself with the beat of the song that is currently playing.

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    Then proceed to bend your glow-sticks, to get the chemicals flowing, and wait until they begin to glow. Hold a glow-stick in each hand. To start, begin waving your arms with the beat of the music.

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    As you get into it, start waving your arms in a figure eight pattern, and watch as the light from the glow-sticks forms the patterns you make. To make a circle, hold your arms outstretched, and spin around in a circle.

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    Another fun way to dance with glow sticks is to hold them as if you were directing traffic. Hold one up straight like a torch, and wave the other one about, or spin one in circles over your head, and wave the other in front of your face, like a windshield wiper.

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    Once you start getting more comfortable with it, you can take it to a new level by tying a string to the end of the glow-stick – most come with a small hole for a string at the bottom, but if yours doesn’t, don’t try to tie a string around the entire glow-stick – it will slip right out and most probably hit someone. Make sure the knot is tight and secure.

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    After the string has been tied on, you can start spinning the glow-stick in circles while holding the end of the string – do this in time to the beat of the music. Switch from one hand to another as you keep the glow-stick spinning. You can do the same steps with two glow-sticks at a time for added impact. Another great step is to wrap the string around the length of your forearm, and reel the stick in as you would a yo-yo.

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    Glow-stick dancing can be even more fun if you do it with a partner or as a group. Grab a friend with glow-sticks, and you can both spin your glow-sticks in unison, and even stand with your backs to each other as you spin them. In addition, you can also gather lots of people, and make a glow-stick train.

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