How to Belly Dance

Are you tired of working on your abs and you do not get any major output? Then why do not you do belly dance, as it is a unique combination of beautiful dance steps and a great way to exercise. Belly dance is one among the old dances, emerged from Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Both male and females can perform belly dance. There are many types of belly dance like Baladi (Beledi), Sha’abi, , Saidi Ghawazee, Fellahi, Karsilama, Kalegi, or Khaliji etc. you can select any of these types according to your region and interest. The exciting movements of belly dance play an important role in grabbing the attention of the audience and your partner as well. In addition to that, belly dance with friends can enhance the overall charm of your parties and get-togethers.

Things Required:

– Middle Eastern music
– Loose fitting skirt and a midriff baring top
– A large space to dance
– Scarves and veils
– Dangling jewelry
– Finger cymbals


  • 1

    Start belly dance with your head movements. Stand straight; keep your head level and start moving your head in circles. First, move it clockwise for few times and then move it anticlockwise.

  • 2

    Next, come to your shoulders and start moving them in circle, going forward, up, back then down. Repeat it few times.

  • 3

    Gently move your right shoulder forward while moving your left shoulder back at the same time. Again, repeat this step few times, pick up speed with every circle.

  • 4

    Your next step will be to slide your ribcage from side to side, without even using your hips.

  • 5

    Now, move your ribs clockwise, starting from right, front, left, and then back.

  • 6

    Work your belly, pulling in both top and bottom halves of your belly area. Hold it for some time and then release the top followed by the bottom. Gently build up speed until you can perform it smoothly.

  • 7

    Hold your torso still and start moving your hips from side to side. Gradually build up speed until you get hippy, shimmying your hips comfortably.

  • 8

    Now, start moving your hips in a circle, clockwise or anticlockwise. Little by little, bend on your knees and still your ribcage. Start moving your hips in a full circle. You can also switch it up and can do it the other way.

  • 9

    Evenly drop your hips and put most of your weight on your left leg. Now, slide your right foot so it could be front of your left foot in order to make a proper angle. Make sure to keep your knees bent during this whole step.

  • 10

    Moving on, gradually raise your left arm over your head and put your other arm out to the side.

  • 11

    Once you set your arms in a proper position, bring your right hip up, forward, and finally drop it back to the side.

  • 12

    Never forget the unique hands and arms movements of belly dance. Move your hands and fingers zigzag, visualizing as snake.

  • 13

    Try to raise your right arm gently and lift your shoulder, then move into elbow, wrist, and fingers. Now, lower your right arm slowly, lifting your left arm in the same manner.

  • 14

    You can also make your belly dance more interesting by making moving your hand and arms in circle. In addition to that, you can use your own creative movements to make the dance more interesting.

  • 15

    Keep practicing the steps of belly dance in the exact sequence until you master the basic moves. Later on, you can think about the more advanced steps of belly dance.

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