How to Breakdance

Breakdance: Some distance away you saw someone getting an electric shock. Being kind and generous you ran towards the person you felt having an electric shock. The moment you reached closer it was a totally different story as there was nothing like any electric shock. Instead, the person was doing Breakdance. It a dance form that is known by other names also,  breaking, b-girling or b-boying is a hip hop street dance style that evolved as one of the well known dance movement in the world.

If you are familiar with this type of dance then you must be aware that this is probably the most difficult type of dance forms. It is worth entertaining to watch someone performing this activity as it is quite challenging art to perform and requires a lot of physical stamina, balance, flexibility and timing. There are a few tips you need to know before starting to Breakdance.


  • 1

    You should be well aware that if you are planning to try out this challenging dance activity, first fully warm yourself up so as to avoid any body aches later.

    Do some stretching
  • 2

    Practice is something that leads you to perfection. Make sure that that while practicing, you have a smooth surface with wrestling pads to avoid any damage.

    Use protection
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    Before attempting to Breakdance in public it is advised to make some videos of yourself so that you are well aware and confident about making certain moves.

    Public Breakdance
  • 4

    In order to learn and practice better, it is good to join a dance school or a group that can provide you some supervision of qualified dance instructors.

    Good to join dance schools
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    If you are not able to join any dance school or group then there are various Breakdance videos available on the internet. However, it is recommended to watch videos of professional Breakdance instructors that are guiding step by step.

    Good to watch Breakdance videos
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    As you are starting up, do so with the very basics of Breakdance. Instead of going for any hard moves, try simple and easy moves like six steps, windmill and baby freeze so that you are comfortable.

    Start with basic steps

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