How to Practice the Right Technique for Pirouettes

Practicing the right technique for pirouettes is very important. It is considered that pirouettes (a dance technique in ballet) have some of very striking movements in ballet but at the same time these movements are quite difficult as well. You need to understand that these movements are difficult and performed with the legs. Combined with elevation steps, these movements need a few hours of practice on daily basis. Practicing the right technique for pirouettes also involves physics as well and if you face any type of difficulty, you should hire a professional. The right execution of dance moves will keep your body healthy.


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    Learning ballet basics

    Learning ballet basics first is very important to understand further techniques for pirouettes. You need to practice extensively to keep your feet position. One through five, you also need to understand corresponding arm positions, demi plies and grande plies. Before practicing pirouettes, you need to master all these skills as without learning these skills, you will not be able to know all the pirouettes techniques.

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    Vertical line

    Your vertical line is very important in order to practice basics of pirouettes. The balance and consistent plies is what professionals called vertical line.

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    Learning pirouettes in class

    Use your knowledge of pirouettes performance and practice in the classroom. It will give you confidence to practice your moves with ease. Make sure that you spend a couple of hours practicing in order to perfect your technique. Also, be sure to pay attention in dance class when they teach all the techniques and methods of doing pirouettes.

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    Get help from instructor

    You should also get help from instructor. Ask your instructor to let you know where your moves are wrong and how can you improve. A dance instructor is in the best position to help you as they are professionally trained to show you all the correct ways of practicing and performing various dance moves.

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    Always warm up before practicing

    Always warm up before practicing. It will give your muscles strength to start a rigorous practice session. Never start to practice without being mentally and physically prepared.

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    Reading about theory of pirouettes

    Reading about pirouettes is also a very good thing before you start practicing pirouettes.  It will give you solid understanding of the movements of ballet dancing. There are plenty of books available in the market which will certainly guide you through all small details of this form of dance and more importantly, practicing the right technique for pirouettes.

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