How to Prevent Knee Injuries in Ballet

A ballet dancer is as much prone to knee injuries as a sportsman. The dancers because of repeated bending, twisting and jumping can suffer tearing of ligament. These moves put extra pressure on the knee joint, which becomes weaker with time and can seriously hurt. The best way to prevent knee injuries is exercise of knee joints, which will strengthen knees and make them endure the pressure. However, if there is a risk of injuries even with exercises.


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    Diversify Training Regimen

    If your are not a professional dancer, and do ballet just as an exercise, it is better you diversify your exercise regimen to include more exercises. Relying just on ballet for fitness is not good for health of your knee joints and doctors often recommend different exercises for fitness, not just ballet alone. This can help your knees endure the workout pressure longer.

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    Knee Exercises

    If you are a professional dancer and often have to perform with your group, you should be doing knee exercises even then. Doing knee exercises other than ballet can help strengthen muscles of your knees and they can sustain pressure of your ballet workout. Without exercising, it is very hard for knee joints to bear the continuous pressure of twisting, bending and jumping.

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    Warm Up

    You can also protect your knees by doing warm-up exercises before ballet dance. This will help your knees to ease into the ballet work, which is hard and faster. Just jumping on the stage to dance rigorously does not help your knees, so they are always exposed to serious injuries.

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    Rest More

    A proper rest is must for your body to endure longer even if you have a busy schedule. By consistent workout, your knees become tired, and their resistance level to pressure of the work is reduced. If you work hard and consistently, you are risking your body to suffer more injuries as it cannot take extra workload.

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    Right Rhythm and Balance

    You can avoid knee injuries by maintaining a right rhythm of your feet and balance of your body. Each step is carefully taken in ballet dance, and losing your rhythm and balance can hurt your knee. It can put pressure on a certain part of the joint while twisting or bending and you end up hurting your knee seriously.

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