How to Do the Pool Palace Dance

Dancing is not an easy job to do especially if you are trying to do something that is not that old. When we talk about pool palace dance, we refer to the dance that was invented and after since a lot rap groups have performed this style with great success. Dem Franchize Boyz has performed this pool palace dance to great success and this dancing technique is not as simple as many people suggest it is. Basically, this dance consists of leaning and rocking along the beat not mixing it up with the other dancing techniques.


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    You can learn this dance technique while at home without paying fees for dancing classes. The main thing that distinguishes this dance technique from others is that it is relatively a dance technique of new generation and it does not have hard and fast rules like other dancing techniques. One can easily master this technique if he has the passion for dancing and he is into rap music.

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    In order to get started, you need to make sure that you are in good physical condition and you must have flexibility in your body. You need to keep several things in mind before moving on to next step like the amount of time required and space and other such stuff.

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    First, you need to get on your toes and squat. While doing so make sure that you keep your body in balance and try not to fall off your toes during the process.

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    Now, slowly and carefully move your right foot while keeping the rest of body stationary.  Now while you are moving your right foot, move the heel in. Once you have done that, rock and rapidly switch feet. Make sure that you keep the balance right while switching your feet as this part is considered the most difficult one of all.

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    Now, you need to move your left feet in the similar manner you moved your left foot a little earlier. After moving it, simply move the heel in and once more rock and switch your feet. But this time while switching your feet, you need to do this repeatedly.

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