How to Dance the Macarena

It has been nearly seventeen years since the song Macarena was released in Spain in 1994. Even now, it has a cult following all over the world. If you love the song, you will probably want to learn the dance as well. Luckily, Macarena is one of the simplest dances and involves only sixteen simple steps. At the most, an hour of practice should be good enough for you to dance the Macarena properly. Spare the time to learn this beautiful dance and you can win the hearts of people at a party or a wedding ceremony.


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    Raise and straighten both arms parallel to the ground in front of your eyes, right arm before the left one with the palms of your hands facing towards the ground. Now flip over your right palm so that is faces towards the sky. Do the same with your left palm. These are the first four counts of the Macarena.

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    Now move on to the second four counts of the Macarena. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and your left hand over your right shoulder. The palms of both hands should be facing downwards. Now place your right hand behind the right side of your head and do the same with your left hand.

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    Bring your right hand to rest it on your waist’s left side and do the same with your left hand and your waist’s right side. Now grip your right hip with the right hand and left hip with the left hand to complete the third four counts of the Macarena.

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    With your hands placed on your hips, sway your body, first to the right and then to the left. When you have completed the swaying cycle three times, jump and turn counter clockwise rotating your body at an angle of 90 degrees. After you are done, you have completed all the sixteen steps involved in Macarena.

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    Repeat the same steps over and over again until the song comes to an end.

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