How to Dance Without Looking Stupid

The statement, “I don’t dance” or “I’m not really that good at dancing” is an unacceptable one to say the least. If you are at a party where there are some really hot looking girls and a few of them are eying you, it is your job to make a move. And the easiest way to make your move in a great way is by hitting the dance floor. If a girl comes up to you and asks you to dance with her and you don’t know how to dance, it is going to be a major turn off so it’s better that you dance and don’t look stupid to be in the game.


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    You don’t have to be the greatest dancer or a moon walk expert in order to dance without looking stupid. Just a few moves will do great for you. The best thing to avoid looking stupid is by enrolling at a local dance instruction school where instructors teach their students various dance moves. In the first few days, they will teach you the basic moves which you will get a grip of very quickly.

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    During these sessions, you have to remember that even if you make mistakes, you must get on with it. Even if people are laughing at your skills, you don’t necessarily have to shut yourself down. Keep on doing what you are doing and a time will come when you will perfect at least one move that is bound to pay dividends sooner or later.

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    When you are alone at home, practise the steps that you learnt. Put on a CD, go in front of the mirror and do the steps. While dancing alone, you will realise that you can actually dance as there will be no one there to judge you. If you do this, you can take the same mentality on the dance floor at a party.

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    If there is a party and you are invited in it, it would be great if you go to YouTube and look at the videos of a few dancing moves. Practise those moves that you feel you can pull off during the party.

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    Once you enter the party and see people doing their thing on the dance floor, it would be advisable that you approach the floor and slowly start getting accustomed to the music that’s being played. While dancing, make sure that you are in a position where everyone can see you and if someone likes the way you are moving even though your moves are not like Jagger, you are bound to get lucky

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