How to Dance With a Girl at a Party

Did you just see the prettiest girl at a party and really want to dance with her? You just cannot do it if you are not bold enough. You should know that you are a good dancer, and be confident enough to ask her for a dance. There might be a possibility that she also wants a dancing partner, and no one is actually trying to approach her. Therefore, try to be the first person to become her dance partner and try to be the confident person who is going to approach her and ask her to dance.


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    The most important step for you is to ask her for a dance. Most of the guys who want to dance with pretty girls they see at parties mostly don’t end up dancing with them because they are too afraid to approach them. She will not bite you, neither will slap you; therefore, try and gather some confidence and go and ask her for a dance. However, make sure that you are respectable enough and that she is not already being accompanied by her one-and-only.

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    If she says no, turn to the other girl who might say yes. Once you are done with picking the girl who is willing to dance, it is up to you to start dancing. When you dance, don’t be too nervous and try to be confident in front of her. You should lead the way and make her feel comfortable throughout the situation.

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    Don’t be silent during the time you are dancing with her. You have to talk to her. Create questions; keep some in your mind beforehand. Ask her basic questions such as her name, where she studies, etc. Do not ask her age as it will be an extremely inappropriate thing to do.

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    When you are busy dancing, you should know that you should not just stick to one girl. Since that one girl will give you confidence, try to dance with different girls. If you like the first girl, it is obvious that you should eventually return back to her, but try to dance with other girls so that you get perfect at this and you know what exactly you are supposed to do.

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    This is extremely important that you enjoy your time, you are spending with the girl you are dancing with.

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    End it on a good note

    Right before you leave, say something that will make her talk to you even after you are done dancing with her. Leave on a positive note.

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