How to Become a Pole Dance Instructor

If you want to become a pole dance instructor, then you must understand the importance of mastering pole dancing. Not to mention, an individual cannot instruct about something she has not mastered herself; therefore, one should have a firm grip on pole dancing before she wishes to teach this to others. If you start instructing others without a proper knowledge of pole dancing it is highly likely that your teaching classes will be a short term thing and your students will soon realise your deficiencies and will join other instructors.


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    Know about the history

    History plays an important and interesting role in attracting other individuals, if it matches their interest. Pole dancing is believed to have originated from the United States in the start of 19th century. At that time, it was only associated with the circus shows and travelling tents while it gained more attention of the audience in 1980s. In 1980s, pole dancing became a part of the certified nightclubs and strip clubs. In 1990s, pole dancing earned considerable popularity among the audience and was claimed to be a blending of dancing, aerobics and art.

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    Generally, pole dancers receive training from experienced friends or other members, who do not have the full knowledge of the pole dancing. This helps them in earning their place in the business but the lack of perfection halts their way to success. If you want to become a pole dancing instructor, you must show your students that you have a sound knowledge of pole dancing. If you are a pole dancer yourself, then it will give them great assurance that you will be able to teach them effectively. However, the training method you decide to adopt will play a major role in the success of your ways to become a successful teacher.

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    You must explain your students about the misconceptions associated with the pole dancing. Tell them that it is a healthy activity but unfortunately, it is most commonly related to the sexual activities performed in the strip clubs and is merely linked with the low class members.

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    Decide the school

    You must explore your choices and find a suitable school for learning pole dancing, depending upon your pocket. Do not try to rush things and analyse carefully all your options.

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    Complete the course

    After you have finalised a school, you must take classes properly and complete the course with good marks. Remember that it is important that you obtain your certification from a renowned school.

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