How to Write a Television Promo Script

Though, flashy images and innovative audio/video effects have transformed the dynamics of television commercials but still nobody can talk down the importance of strong language and words. You may engage the target audience through mesmerising visuals but you cannot connect them with your product without the script.

Writing a television promo script is not an easy thing as you need to convey the message effectively in minimum words and time. Mostly, television promotions are of 30-60 seconds so writing an effective script requires certain kind of skills and talent. However, anyone can hit the mark by following some simple script writing techniques.


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    Know your product:

    The first and foremost thing you need to do is to know the product you are selling. You may ask your client to provide you samples of that product and literature regarding its benefits. Ask them what they want to achieve through this promotional campaign. Some clients aim to establish their name in the market, some try to increase their sale of an already existing product and some try to revamp the overall image of the product. Plan your script by keeping your targets in mind.

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    Come up with an unusual idea:

    Gone are the days when simply a girl would come on the screen and speak while holding the product in her hand. Now the viewer is lot more intelligent so try to see and show things from a different angle. However, make sure your idea is applicable and understandable.

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    Format your script:

    After the brain storming, now it is time to put your thoughts on the paper. Divide your script paper in two columns to keep dialogues and screenplay separate. What your characters are going to say will be written in “dialogues” column whereas the “screen play” will comprise the visuals for the audience. Write every shot in separate portion otherwise your director won’t be able to execute your idea in a perfect manner.

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    Construct your sentences wisely:

    Choose your words wisely as you need to reach viewers’ hearts through their ear. Keep your sentences brief and to the point otherwise you will lose the audience’s attention. You do not have much time to sell the product so try to cover all the aspects in minimum sentences. You better make a list of all the features of that product.

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    Think like a viewer:

    The basic key to write an effective script is to think like a viewer. You must know what questions can come in their minds so answer all those questions in your script. You should visualise while writing the script as this will help you to see the product the way you want them to see it.

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