Make Yourself Burp on Command

We’ve all burped at some point or another and kids are especially fascinated with it. A burp is technically the sound made when gas in the digestive tract is released from the mouth. Since the gas has been mixed with food, it also has an odor, which is why burping is considered bad manners, especially when eating.

However, like whistling, burping can also be done on command, and you might have seen a couple of guys do it when they want to. In this guide, we will tell you how to burp on command and join in with your friends when you want to. Just remember though, it is strongly advised that you don’t burp when surrounded by adults, at a gathering, or at the dinner table.


  • 1

    Stand up or sit up first

    It is almost impossible to burp while you’re lying down. If you want to make yourself burp, make sure you’re standing or at least sitting in an upright position. This will help the gases that are trapped with your food to travel up with ease.

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    Take carbonated drinks

    Heavily carbonated drinks, or 'fizzy drinks' naturally induce burping, as you might have experienced yourself. It helps if the drink is warm though, since its more fizzy that way. These drinks typically add more gas to your stomach, which brings the other gases up to your esophageal sphincter and out of the system in the form of a burp.

  • 3

    Swallow air

    Another great way of burping on command is by closing the mouth and nostrils so that additional air is not inhaled as you breathe. Exhale while swallowing your saliva and the exhaled air, which will help provoke a burp.

    Here's how you do it:

    - Close your mouth (empty) first and block your nostrils (with your fingers)
    - Now you need to get ready to swallow - or make the swallowing motion (even without any food in your mouth)
    - You will feel the air inside your mouth being swallowed, resulting in a gulping sound
    - You'll feel the urge to push that air out of your windpipe, which will result in a burping sound.
    - The more air you swallow, the longer and louder your burp will be.

  • 4

    Have your back rubbed

    Rubbing the middle of your back and exerting pressure stimulates the air that is trapped inside. This is another way that helps force the gases to move up and come out in the form of a burp.

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