16 Most Lethal Battle-Warriors in History

This world has seen the art of war change over the years. Starting from sticks then moving to swords. Then bow and arrows were introduced. Now we all know how the technology is changing by the day. However, we have compiled a list of all the historic battle-warriors who were considered to be the deadliest in any battle they were thrown into.


  • 1


    Ninjas had a “by hook or by crook” policy. They were used as spies and they specialized in assassinations.

  • 2

    Medieval Knights

    Back in the days they were equivalent to tanks of these times. They would take over any foot soldier and take him down easily.

    medieval knights
  • 3

    Ming Warrior

    Ming Warriors were one of the first military soldiers who managed to use gunpowder. This is the reason why they were able to easily expand China’s borders.

    ming warriors
  • 4

    Honour was of highest priority to these warriors. In case they lost their honour, they would opt for suicide.

    samurai warriors
  • 5

    French Musketeer

    Class and deadliness mixed together. They were the bodyguards for the king of France.

    French musketeers
  • 6

    Persian Immortal

    History states that Persian Immortals were always more than 10,000 in number. Therefore, if one man would fall, another would take his place. This is the reason why they were called immortal.

    persian immortals
  • 7


    They were extremely famous for the lack of mercy they showed on the battlefield. These African warriors filed their teeth to give others a terrifying look.

    zanda warriors
  • 8


    Legends state that they were so well-prepared in the art of riding a horse that they could fire arrows while hanging from the horse’s neck.

  • 9


    The brutality of their attacks was so severe that there are still legends that claim that Vikings would wear helmets made out of human skulls.

  • 10

    Mongol Horsemen

    The Mongol Horsemen had a mentality of taking no prisoners. This is the reason why they were considered to be one of the deadliest armies alive.

    mongol horsemen
  • 11

    Maori Warrior

    The famous army of cannibals. Maori warriors would eat their enemies in order to take their respect.

  • 12


    Boys who fought in the Spartan army were trained since the age of 7. The only thing they knew about the art of war was to kill the enemy.

  • 13

    Aztec Warrior

    War was a part of Aztec’s culture. In fact, whenever a new ruler would take the throne, they would ask him to invade another land.

    aztec warriors
  • 14

    Rajput Warrior

    They belonged to India and it is said that they could only be born in their position. They were located right at the border of India, which made them the first line of defence.

  • 15


    Apache nation is famous for their battle against the US army. They did not surrender until they only had 50 people left.

  • 16


    Even though they were never thrown into battle, most of the gladiators were part of an army back in the days. They are considered to be masters of one-on-one battles.


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