How to Act Like a Female Peter Pan

Who told you that Peter Pan can only be a man? If you are a girl and want to become a Peter Pan, it is not difficult. All you need is to do simple things and show the world that despite being female, you can still become a Peter Pan, and can act like one too.


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    Wear green

    This is the most obvious step out of all the others. Since Peter Pan wears green clothes, you need to buy yourself green clothes as well. If you are a female, and want to become Peter Pan, the clothing definitely does not change. Peter is recognized with his green coloured clothes and you have to wear green clothes as well.

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    Learn to jump

    Peter Pan is famous for his long jumps and if you want to become Peter Pan then you should know that you need to learn how to jump. Peter finds it easy to climb trees and other people’s roofs, and even though it is not totally possible in the real world, learning the art of a high jump is very much possible. It is hard for women to jump high and climb trees, but as they say: Practice makes you perfect and you need to practice how to jump high.

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    Know about your area

    Peter knew all about his area and spent most of his time showing the people where he lives. In order to act like Peter Pan, you should know all about the area you are living in. While wearing the green coloured clothes, you can show the people around and explain to them all the important places of the area you are living in.

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    Try playing tricks

    Peter Pan was a witty child and if you want to act like Peter Pan then you should know how to play tricks on others. For obvious reasons, you cannot play serious tricks on your friends but you should learn the lighter versions of the tricks that he used to play. Despite being a girl, you should learn the joking ability which Peter had and that will definitely help you in becoming a female Peter Pan.

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    Learn to fight with a sword

    One thing that made Peter famous was his fight with Captain Cook. How exactly did he win the fight? It was through his sword and if you want to become a female Peter Pan, then you should learn how to use a sword. You do not want to endanger yourself by using a real sword, so try using a wooden sword so that you can learn the art of sword fighting without injuring the others.

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