How to Adjust Electric Guitar Tone

No matter how creative and skilful you are, you will never be able to play a quality music piece if there is an error in the instrument. Imagine how annoying it would be to see famous Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash, playing a wonderful piece but in poor sound.

It is an established fact that even the best melody can be ruined by the poor sound quality. On the other hand, a nice sounding instrument could take the melody to an entirely different level.

Poor sound particularly destroys the melody on guitars. The electric guitar players can add several exciting variations to their music, but it is impossible to play something good without proper tone. Through practice and patience, one can easily produce nice tone on his/her electric guitar.


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    First of all, identify what you actually want to play. You can listen to other professional guitarists to see what sounds good to your ears. It is certainly an important step, because it is impossible to have good tone without knowing what you actually want.

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    Carefully listen your current sound. Try different variations to take a good idea about the present tone. You can do experiments by switching between your picks. Dialing the tone nob up and down is another terrific trick in this regard.

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    Try to be more experimental with your touch on the strings. Alternating the hardness of your picking is a good option in this regard. You should be very attentive and carefully see the changes that you make by varying the attack.

    Strumming up and down the neck, picking closer to the bridge and holding the guitar around the neck mellow are the experiments that you can do with your electric guitar.

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    In order to add neatness and clarify, you can change your strings. The fresh strings will surely perk up the sound of your guitar.

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    After finishing with the strings, work on your pickups. Sometimes, the cheap pickups don’t allow you to have good tone. Replace them with the new ones. Avoid playing with stock pickups, as they trouble the sound quality to a great deal. Pickups that you can try are: single coil, humbuckers, P90s and telecaster.

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    Check your signals. There might be some distortion in your amplifier. It is important to get rid of this distortion. You can buy a new amp equipped with the latest technology.

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